Hospitality and FF&E

Supplying the hospitality industry is one of our specialties. Our quality and consistency have been proven from Coast to Coast, from The Peabody in Orlando to The Little Nell in Aspen. We have demonstrated our ability to supply the quality you need on time throughout Marriot Hotels to the Ritz Carlton. All vanity tops are laid out and inspected for a color match on tops, aprons, and splashes so that the color will be as consistent as possible in each room. Pieces are labeled with room numbers and packed by the floor for easy staging on your job site. High-end hospitality requires an elevated level of hands-on treatment. Constant communication with the factory before, during, and after production to ensure we receive material within the approval color range is needed. Range samples are approved and signed, then sent to the factory. On some projects, mockups are done at the factory to ensure current blocks yield the approval range. All production is inspected using the approved samples as a guide before shipping. We furnish vanity tops, stone tile, porcelain tile, glass tile, mosaic tile, stone, and tile tub surround kits as well as FF&E tops.