Grey, Ivory, Vision

Portland Collection is a striking concrete inspired collection for interiors aiming for a modern, minimalist style for private and public spaces. Balanced by the use of other materials such as wood, stone or glass, this collection will create not just modern edge, but will also provide natural warmth. The slim wall tiles featuring a texture with small hexagons is the perfect accessory to this collection.

Availability: Special Order
Mosaics: 2×2 (12×12 sheet)
Type Tech Porcelain
Colors | Style Grey, Ivory, Vision
Tile size: 11.81×23.62, 23.62×47.24, 35.43×35.43, Hexagon
Trim 3×23.62
Décor 3×23.62, 3×35.43
3d Pieces Bag, Hexagonal Mosaic, Star

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