This classic marble is infused with an energetic sense of movement. With dappled color variation in classic greys, you can enhance the grace and elegance of your design. The addition of texture options provides stunning variety and enhances the stone’s natural beauty.

Stone Marble
Availability: Special Order
Finishes Century, Elektron, Leather, Micro, Monet
Mosaics: Random Interlocking Mosaci, Stack 1”x6”, Hexagon 4”
Wall Sizes Chevron 4"x12", Plank 8”xFL, Tile 4”x16”, Hexagon tile 8”
Floor Sizes: 16”x32”x5/8”, 18”x36”x5/8”, 24”x24”x5/8”, 36”x36”x3/4”
Type Slab
Material: Marble

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