With cool, sleek lines, Aperte brings to mind classical style while its finishes give it modern versatility. This marble can be used in almost any space to provide a sleek and beautiful impression. This classic marble gains modern sophistication with vein variations and eclectic finish choices.

Stone Marble
Availability: Special Order
Finishes Century, Elektron, Leather, Micro, Monet
Mosaics: Random Interlocking Mosaci, Stack 1”x6”, Hexagon 4”
Wall Sizes Chevron 4"x12", Plank 8”xFL, Tile 4”x16”, Hexagon tile 8”
Floor Sizes: 16”x32”x5/8”, 18”x36”x5/8”, 24”x24”x5/8”, 36”x36”x3/4”
Type Slab
Material: Marble

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